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Kill the Unicorns

Welcome to the Queendom

A long time ago, far far away, a Queendom was overrun with thousands of pesky unicorns, relieving themselves on private property, eating endangered plant life and subsequently farting a lot! As unicorn gas is toxic, air pollution in the Queendom drastically increased, seriously impacting the local environment. This contamination created microclimates around the Queendom: it started raining sugar and candy, making everything sticky.

The good old Queen knew that unicorns had to be dealt with. Too kind to take action herself, she left the matter with her spoiled and selfish daughter, the Princess. Eager to show citizens that their princess was able to take action, she and her team of misfits would catch, and kill all the unicorns! She declared that four days each year would be dedicated to hunting unicorns, and everyone was invited!

This was great news for the Gnomes, who ran an illegal unicorn trade, a global black market for unicorn parts. This annual hunt meant they didn’t have to waste time catching the beasts themselves - a difficult thing to do - and could instead buy them cheaply from the citizens!

2. Eye on the Prize

To catch a unicorn, you must win the hunt! Try to outsmart the other hunters with the strongest attack! The First Player announces the number of Hunt cards in the hunt for the first unicorn and places them face down in front of you. The other hunters follow or pass.

3. Definitely Maybe! 

Did you catch the Unicorn? Check the trap first, maybe you got played by another hunter! 

The Hunt and scheme cards are revealed; unless stated otherwise, scheme cards can be a bonus or malus! The hunter with the most points catches the unicorn; if two hunters are tied, the next hunter in line wins. The used Hunt cards are discarded.

1. It’s a Trap!

It’s hunting season! You choose your character and spot a Unicorn in the distance - now is the time to set your trap. Each player draws 2 scheme cards from their deck. Starting with the First Player, each hunter places one scheme cards face down beneath a Unicorn of choice.

4. Black Market

Time to hustle the Gnomes! Once all unicorns have been caught (or successfully escaped), hunters use their remaining cards as currency to purchase items on the Black Market in order to increase the value of their prey, or disguise the fact they’re trying to pass off a Pigicorn as the real thing!

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